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TMCRAFT 170oz Stainless Steel Mini Keg

TMCRAFT 170oz Stainless Steel Mini Keg

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  • Features:

    Type: Mini keg
    Height: 11.7"

    Width: 6.8"
    Capacity: 170oz
    Note: 170oz conclude the gas space, the liquid would not be 170oz

    Package contents:

    • 170oz Stainless Steel Keg
    • Exhaust Valve Design Cap
    • Dust Bag
    • Regulator, Keg Spear, Tap and Carbon dioxide cartridges are NOT included

    TMCRAFT 170oz Stainless Steel Mini Keg can be delivered in US CA

  • TMCRAFT 170oz Stainless Steel Mini Keg, the ultimate vessel for storing and serving your favorite beverages with style and convenience. Crafted from premium stainless steel, this mini keg is built to last, ensuring your drinks retain their freshness and flavor for extended periods. With a generous capacity of 170 ounces, it's perfect for homebrewers, craft beer enthusiasts, or anyone looking to enjoy their favorite beverages on tap.

    Whether you're pouring your latest homebrew creation, a refreshing batch of cold brew coffee, or even cocktails for a party, this mini keg ensures a smooth and consistent pour every time. Its sleek stainless steel construction not only adds a touch of sophistication to your home bar but also makes it incredibly durable for use in various settings.

    Say goodbye to disposable bottles and cans, and embrace the eco-friendly alternative with the TMCRAFT Stainless Steel Mini Keg. Not only does it help reduce waste, but it also allows you to enjoy your beverages at their peak freshness, straight from the keg. Whether you're hosting a gathering with friends or simply enjoying a drink at home, this mini keg is the perfect companion for elevating your drinking experience. Upgrade to the TMCRAFT 170oz Stainless Steel Mini Keg and enjoy the convenience and quality it brings to your favorite beverages.

TMCRAFT 170oz Stainless Steel Mini Keg

TMCRAFT 170oz Stainless Steel Mini Keg is perfectly suitable for beer lovers to take beer from breweries. As a beer keg, this one could keep your beer fresh and cool and suitable for storage in the fridge.

tmcraft 170oz stainless steel mini keg show photo

How TMCRAFT work in your live

For homebrew?TMCRAFT mini keg keeps your beer fresh. 170oz capacity satisfies your daily beverage.

For party? TMCRAFT small keg helps you offer different drinks at a time. Do not bother by how to produce carbonation beverages.

For trip? TMCRAFT portable keg devote to always having a fresh beer on the way. No matter where you are.

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How it works

  • Fill with your drinks
  • Install tap system and regulator
  • Add CO2
  • Get your fresh drinks and enjoy



Portable size is easy to transportation and storage. Measures 6.8"L x 6.8"W x 11.7"H & fits your home cooler/fridge


Homebrew beer produces carbon dioxide during fermentation and storage, and the pressure in the bottle drops, making it very difficult to open. The design of pressure relief valve can control the pressure inside the bottle, easy to open


All accessories including kegs are made of food grade 304 stainless steel which keep beer flavors and fresh


This mini keg to be used with a mini keg dispenser and ball lock MFL disconnect set, allow you to make carbonated beverage