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TMCRAFT 2.5 Gallon Cleaning keg

TMCRAFT 2.5 Gallon Cleaning keg

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Package contents

  • D-Type Spear - With Silicone Pick-Up Tube*2
  • Cornelius Keg Lid With 130psi PRV
  • Regulator, Keg Spear, Tap and Carbon dioxide cartridges are NOT included

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TMCRAFT 2.5 Gallon Cleaning keg

TMCRAFT 2.5 gallon cleaning kegs are the easiest way to clean out your beer line and your keg coupler. Just use a simple cleaning process to keep your beer fresh.

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Instructions for use

Remove the cleaning keg's lid, fill the keg with a cleaning solution, and attach your coupler to the keg. Open your tap to push the solution through the lines for cleaning. We recommend letting the cleaning solution in the lines for 5 minutes, then flush with warm water, which can be used to ensure your lines and stainless taps clean.



Fully passivated stainless steel construction, giving them a matte finish to ensure superior rust protection. The stainless steel lid features a pull ring style pressure release valve that lets you easily depressurize the keg.


Fill the keg with a cleaning solution, and attach your coupler to the cleaning keg. Open your tap and cleaning solution is forced through your beer lines to remove contaminants like dirt, grime, beer stone, and other unwanted minerals.


Cleaning keg equipped with two D-system ports fit most American couplers, allows you to clean two beer lines at the same time.


Stainless steel handles and black rubber base allows easier transportation and less scuffs on the floor.

2.5 Gallon and the size of 14.6" *9.1"