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Collection: Beer Drip Tray

how to pick a drip tray?

  1. Size: Choose a drip tray that is appropriately sized for your setup. Consider the width and depth of the tray to ensure it can accommodate the number of taps or faucets you have. Measure the space available beneath your taps or faucets to determine the maximum dimensions of the drip tray that will fit.

  2. Material: Drip trays are commonly made of stainless steel or plastic. Stainless steel is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to corrosion. Plastic trays are lightweight and may be more affordable, but they may not be as sturdy or long-lasting as stainless steel.

  3. Style: Drip trays come in various styles, including wall-mounted, surface-mounted, or recessed. Choose a style that suits your installation preferences and the available space. Wall-mounted trays are attached to the wall beneath the taps, while surface-mounted trays sit on the countertop. Recessed trays are installed into the counter or bar for a more integrated and seamless look.

  4. Drainage: Ensure that the drip tray has proper drainage mechanisms. Look for trays with drain holes or channels that allow spilled liquid to flow away from the taps. Some trays may have removable or detachable parts for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  5. Capacity: Consider the capacity or holding capacity of the drip tray. This refers to the amount of liquid it can hold before needing to be emptied. Choose a tray size that matches the expected amount of drips or spills you anticipate.

  6. Aesthetics: While not a functional factor, consider the overall aesthetics of the drip tray. Choose a design or finish that complements your bar or dispensing area. Some drip trays may have decorative patterns or logos, while others may have a sleek and minimalistic appearance.

  7. Budget: Finally, consider your budget. Drip tray prices can vary depending on the material, size, and brand. Determine your budget range and find a tray that meets your needs within that range.

By considering these factors, you can select a drip tray that fits your beer dispensing system, provides effective drip management, and enhances the overall appearance of your bar or countertop.