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TMCRAFT Mini Beer Keg Dispenser

TMCRAFT Mini Beer Keg Dispenser

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Package contents

  • Mini Keg Spear
  • 50’’ beer hose
  • 10Pcs O-ring

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TMCRAFT Mini Beer Keg Dispenser

This mini keg spear is designed with a double ball lock and used with keg dispensing and co2 equipment to carbonate beverages, making it a perfect vessel for force carbonating or bottle conditioning homebrew.

tmcraft mini beer keg dispenser introduction photo

Instructions for use

1、Put this spear on your mini keg and simply screw

2、Allows for use of your existing keg dispensing and CO2 equipment with your mini keg; Features a gas ball lock connection and one bar-style beer faucet connection to allow for use of standard CO2 equipment, Double Wall Quick Connector Spear and a pressure relief valve,requires Mini-keg,CO2 regulator, CO2 cartridge and gas line assembly. Connect the top (straight up) post to liquid line, angled post to gas.


Warm Tip:There has a relief valve,when the pressure exceeds 60psi, it will be automatically relief the valve.



All constructed from stainless steel for proper sanitation and unmatched durability. Perfect polishing makes its smooth and more durable.


The threaded design with O-ring allows the stainless steel beer spear to be connected tightly, avoid leaks on gas and liquid connection.


Dispenser includes 2 posts; Connect the top (straight up) post to liquid line, angled post to gas, Fits 2L/3.6L/4L/5L/10L mini-keg growler and most other mini-kegs on Amazon that feature inner threaded caps.


Connect beer spear to MFL quick disconnect set, allows to be used with keg dispensing and co2 equipment to carbonate and dispense beverage.