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TMCRAFT 1.6 Gallon Mini Corny Keg

TMCRAFT 1.6 Gallon Mini Corny Keg

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  • Features:

    Type: Corny Keg
    Height without regulator: 11.1"

    Width without faucet: 8.9"
    Capacity: 1.6 Gallon / 6L / 204oz
    Note: 1.6 gallons conclude the gas space, the liquid would not be 1.6 gallons.

    Package contents:

    • 1.6 Gal Stainless Steel Ball Lock Keg
    • Liquid Out Connector
    • Gas in Connector
    • Regulator, Tap and Carbon dioxide cartridges are NOT included

    TMCRAFT 1.6 Gallon Mini Corny Keg can be delivered in US CA MX

  • TMCRAFT commercial ball lock keg series. Large capacity is suitable for gas tanks. Two chargers help you to connect to the faucet and the regulator.

    It is designed with two handles and a ball shape that is easy to carry and pile. You can store them together to save fridge space. All of the material is 304 stainless, it is safe to contact with beverages, easy to clean, and durable for most environments.

    According to the large capacity, it is not only suitable for professional home craft makers but also for party companies, minibars, etc, and commercial businesses.

TMCRAFT 1.6 Gallon Mini Corny Keg

TMCRAFT 1.6 Gallon Mini Corny Keg uses traditional corny keg design but adds handles for easy carry and storage. 1.6 Gallon capacity satisfies most of the family demand.

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How TMCRAFT work in your live

For homebrew?TMCRAFT ball lock keg keeps your beer fresh. 1.6 Gallon capacity satisfies your daily beverage.

For party? TMCRAFT corny keg helps you offer different drinks at a time. Do not bother by how to produce carbonation beverages.

For trip? TMCRAFT cornelius keg devote to always having a fresh beer on the way. No matter where you are.

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How it works

  • Fill with your drinks
  • Install tap system andregulator
  • Add CO2
  • Get your fresh drinks and enjoy



1.6 Gallon capacity can be stored and taken anywhere. Measures 8.9"L x 8.9"W x 11.1"H. Dual metal handle contribute to carry. Also easily stackable once disconnects have been attached.


This corny keg is constructed with food grade stainless steel which keeps beer fresh for few months, and the high-strength stainless steel can withstand higher co2 pressure.


Double ball lock post design allows this corny keg to connect ball lock quick disconnect set, allows easily carbonate home-brew and more options of extra functions for your kegging system (2 quick ball lock disconnect set included).


Ball lock mini keg equipped with relief valve allows you to control the pressure in the keg through pulling on the pressure-relieving ring for a couple seconds.