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TMCRAFT Triple Faucet Draft Beer Tower Dispenser

TMCRAFT Triple Faucet Draft Beer Tower Dispenser

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Package contents

  • 3" beer tower dispenser
  • faucet *3
  • ID3.16" tubing 5'
  • faucet spring *3
  • faucet cover *3
  • tap handle *3
  • two types of screws
  • washer and nut
  • gasket *1
  • wrench *1

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TMCRAFT Triple Faucet Draft Beer Tower Dispenser

  • Professional brand of Beer Brewing Kegs & Kegging.
  • Providing each customer with the highest standard of service.
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  • TMCRAFT beer tower dispenser is constructed of premium 304 stainless steel for strong durability and high reliability.
  • The rustproof stainless steel column, safe food-grade beer tubing, and solid brass faucet with a stainless steel core ensure safety and quality.
  • Pre-assembled faucet shanks and beer lines are included to save you time during installation. The hexnut on the beer hose allows for direct connection to the coupler.
  • The beer tower dispenser features insulating foam built into its walls, ensuring that every beer you pour stays fresh and cool.



This TMCRAFT beer tower dispenser features high-quality SS 304 with a polished finish for better wear resistance. The brass faucets with stainless steel cores are safe for beverages without any strange odors.


The 5ft 3/16’’ ID beer lines and beer tap shanks are pre-installed in the beer tap tower to save you time, and the hex nut on the beer hose can be directly connected to the keg coupler. You can install it into a kegerator or countertop in just a few minutes.


This draft beer tower kit includes 3 strong springs for tap installation. The upgraded self-closing faucet can rebound immediately to avoid unexpected beverage drips.


The TMCRAFT triple faucet draft beer tower dispenser is designed for drinking all kinds of beverages. The insulating foam built into the walls of the beer tower dispenser provides excellent thermal insulation, ensuring that every beer you pour stays fresh and cool.